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About us
Here at Bn-Business Network Ltd we offer range of household products, toiletries, cosmetics, drinks..etc.
We also sell sofas, corner suites and kitchen accessories.
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All goods are available in wholesale quantities, please contact us to get a price list.


Washing Powder Color Washing Powder White Washing Powder Universal
120+10 / 9,1kg £8,00 120+10 / 9,1kg £8,00 100/ 6,00kg £15,00
Toilet Paper Camilla Kitchen Tissue Fiore Kitchen Tissue Majestic
3 ply !!! 9 rolls £1,75 2 ply !!! 2 rolls £0,80 3 ply !!! 1 roll £0,95

Washing Gel Black&Dark Washing Gel White Washing Gel Universal
4l/£3,75 4l/£3,75 4l/£3,75
Fabric Softener Fabric Softener Fabric Softener
4l/114wash £2,70 1l/28wash £2,00 1l/28wash £2,35
Corner Sofa Parys £300  Kitchen Unit Tatiana £220  Olaf set 3+2 £260

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